Off-Grid Power for Little Stuff on the Homestead

I had a question come up in the pig group (Western States Pigs) today.

The problem is what to do when the power goes out.

I’m not talking about how to run your Keurig or microwave.

How do you keep the pigs (or whatever) in when there’s no power?

Feel free to click on the pic to make it bigger.

You don’t actually need the solar panel unless you plan on running without power for the long term.

So, the warnings.  I’m not liable if anything bad happens.  I’m not an expert.  I’m definitely not a licensed electrician.  Do this at your own risk.

I used an auto battery (the model a K5 blazer takes) in this scenario.  Deep cycle batteries would be better.  Golf cart would be best.  You could just use your spare rig, even, but you might take the battery down too far and not be able to start.

So, you have a car battery.  You’re also going to want an inverter.  I get mine from Harbor Freight WITH their extra warranty.  That way, they swap no questions asked.  I get the 750watt model for around $40.

There are clips on the inverter.  The red clip goes on the positive side of your battery.  The black clip goes on the negative side.

Plug your fence charger into the inverter.

You’ll want to charge that battery every day unless it’s an amazing battery.  I recommend jumper cables and just charging off your vehicle.

I’ll write a part 2 for adding a solar panel.  (I’ll probably clean this article up too)


Keep your fences tight!

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