by Jeremey Weeks

Four goslings were purchased.  But.  We were led astray by the person “helping” us, so we picked lighter colored goslings.  We were told that the darker ones were Africans, not Embdens.  It turns out the lighter vs. darker is a way (not foolproof) to determine gender.

Most likely we bought all boys at first.

So, more goslings were purchase in hopes of getting females.  They are a bit darker.  Ultimately, we found that we had one girl and five boys.

Here’s a pic of them being cute.


Such cuteness attracts people…


The goslings are talkers, but not annoying, at least for right now.  They stick together and are really good about following us around.

The goslings’ main source of entertainment is ducking (goosing?) their heads in their water dish.  This makes for wet goslings after a while.

At this age they get crumbles for feed but they also like dandelions and a few other broad leaved plants.


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